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The University of Johannesburg’s current Strategic Plan,uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan 2025 for 2021, 是否有一份活的文件,在组织的各个层面指导和框架其活动. 它实现了大学的使命,激励其社区通过创新和对知识的集体合作追求来改变和服务人类. 它提供了实现uedbet西甲愿景的路线图,成为国际大学的选择, anchored in Africa, dynamically shaping the future.

The 2025 uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan is organised around 6 strategic objectives:

  1. Excellence in research and innovation
  2. Excellence in teaching and learning
  3. An international profile for Global Excellence and Stature (GES)
  4. An enriching student-friendly learning and living experience
  5. National and global reputation management
  6. Fitness for Global Excellence and Stature (GES)

Uj Strategic Objectives 2014 2025

The Global Excellence and Stature (GES) Strategy, conceived in 2014, and now in its second iteration known as GES 4.0, 具体的投资计划是否能加速战略目标的实现, 并将uedbet西甲定位为开发适合第四次工业革命(4IR)的人员和技术的领导者,因为这与非洲的背景有关. The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan underpins all endeavours at the University, and is incorporated in annual reporting processes, planning at faculty and division levels, and in the performance management system.

The 2021 uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan, which is the latest annual version of the uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan, incorporates 87 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in broader Key Performance Areas (KPAs), the vast majority of which, beyond new ones, have been tracked since 2013.

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1: Excellence in Research and Innovation

uedbet西甲 aims to increase its stature and reputation through the quality, integrity and impact of its research endeavour, 特别是它涉及泛非背景下与第四次工业革命(4IR)有关的问题.
​In this regard, the uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan guides postgraduate output, research productivity, research collaboration, research impact, research funding, and research capacity in terms of staffing. In terms of innovation, 监测的主要表现领域涉及应用技术驱动的研究和创新, and revenue from commercialisation.

Strategic Objective 2: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

uedbet西甲的目标是在教学和学习方面建立卓越和地位,并通过其高度多样化的学生群体在智力严格的课程中取得杰出uedbet西甲,这些课程以创新的方式应对21世纪的挑战, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in particular.
​The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan monitors enrolment targets, relevant programme and curriculum development, international collaboration, student achievement through various success and output indicators, graduate employability, and scholarly output on teaching and learning.

Strategic Objective 3: An International Profile for Global Excellence and Stature (GES)

uedbet西甲的目标是通过积极追求学生的国际化来建立其全球卓越和地位(GES)的国际形象, staff and academic programmes.
​The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan monitors the recruitment of international students and staff, the number of students involved in study abroad programmes (inbound, outbound and online), institutional partnerships and collaboration on joint academic programmes.

Strategic Objective 4: An Enriching Student-Friendly Learning and Living Experience

uedbet西甲旨在提供丰富的学生友好的学习和生活体验,并提供优质的教学和学习设施, ongoing support through the entire cycle of studies, vibrant learning and living communities, and a responsible and respectful student culture and ethos.
​The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan monitors the teaching and learning facilities, student satisfaction, participation in SRC elections and students’ voluntary service.

Strategic Objective 5: National and Global Reputation Management

uedbet西甲旨在通过广泛的学术uedbet西甲来管理其作为泛非洲批判性知识探索中心的国家和全球声誉, 参与知识网络,通过公众参与分析uedbet西甲uedbet西甲和研究, particularly in flagship areas such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).
​The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan monitors pan-African partnerships, public conferences and lectures at uedbet西甲 on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), prestigious staff and student awards, brand survey results, global rankings positions, 全球和国家媒体领导人和工作人员在所有问题上的公共知识贡献, and on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in particular.

Strategic Objective 6: Fitness for Global Excellence and Stature (GES)

uedbet西甲 aims to be a well-governed, 财务稳定的组织,适合全球卓越和地位(GES),采用多样化和杰出的员工补充来推进其战略目标, and that promotes environmental sustainability in its policies and practices.
​The uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan monitors efficiency and effectiveness, financial sustainability indicators, institutional culture through survey results and leadership programmes, investment in the academic project, staff:student ratios, academic staff qualifications, employment strategies to build proportions of black, female, disabled and international staff, staff seniority and turnover indicators, as well as environmental sustainability and good governance indicators.

uedbet西甲 Strategic Plan – Annual Monitoring Process

uedbet西甲战略计划中kpi的实现作为一个整体,在机构的行政领导层进行监控, the MEC (Management Executive Committee), at an annual November breakaway, and by Senate and Council. At the MEC breakaway, any changes to the KPIs are decided upon, and the outcomes of each KPI against the targets are discussed, and new targets for the following year are proposed for Council’s discussion and approval.

uedbet西甲 Annual Performance Plan (uedbet西甲 APP) – Quarterly Monitoring

In addition to annual monitoring and review, uedbet西甲战略计划中的kpi子集形成了所谓的uedbet西甲年度绩效计划(uedbet西甲 APP),由MEC每季度监控一次, Senate and Council. 特定年度第四季度的uedbet西甲应用程序也受外部审计员的审计.

DHET Annual Performance Plan (DHET APP)

uedbet西甲还符合2014年报告条例确定的向高等教育和培训部(DHET)的法定报告要求. In what is known as the DHET Annual Performance Plan (DHET APP), to distinguish it from the internal uedbet西甲 APP, 每年12月15日之前,大学向高等教育和培训部长提交一套与承诺有关的目标(如入学目标和资金信封). 下一年11月将提供一份关于目标实现情况的年中报告, 和年终uedbet西甲构成大学正式年度报告的一部分,DHET. Like the uedbet西甲 APP, the DHET APP is arranged according to the 6 strategic objectives, 但它的范围较小,与uedbet西甲 APP的重叠有限,因为目标大多与入学有关.