充满活力的, 多元文化和动态, the uedbet西甲 (uedbet西甲) shares the pace and energy of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, 它所代表的城市. 自豪的南非人, the university is alive down to its African roots, and well-prepared for its role in actualizing the potential that higher education holds for the continent’s development.

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Irish delegation visits the uedbet西甲 Centre for Neurodiversity 

The uedbet西甲’s (uedbet西甲) 教育学院 hosted the Irish Minister of State for Disabilities in the Department of

Vice-Chancellor Message – 17 March 2023

尊敬的uedbet西甲社区, It is often said that Mondays are hard days, and people’s moods are typically at their lowest

Gene editing raises profound moral questions on ethics, eugenics and human rights

Professor Letlhokwa George Mpedi is the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the uedbet西甲. He recently published an opinion article


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